Is this your first visit?


We have received patients who have received treatment by our specialist for more than 30 years. They have come from Tijuana, San Diego, Escondido, Temecula, Irvine, Pomona, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco and from other places

We advise you to visit us as soon as possible to receive a general check-up. Early diagnosis and treatment is key to preventing further dental decay and thus lowering the risk of losing dental pieces. The sooner you take care of your dental health the shorter the treatment time will be and the treatment will be more affordable.

Our facilities are just a few minutes away from the international border. We are waiting for you with free parking, or we can even offer you safe and secure round shuttle service.

What to expect:
*Medical check-up: Check-up begins with a revision of all your dental pieces. A diagnostic is made and a treatment plan is built (a treatment quote is offered based on the diagnosis and treatment plan).
*X-rays: x-rays of your teeth are taken to corroborate diagnosis.
*If you require consultation by a specialist the service will be provided.
*Time: the first appointment usually takes about an hour.
*Depending on your diagnosis, treatment might start on the same day.
*In case of emergencies, priority treatment will be given.
*price: 30 USD for first appointment.

Further information: how to get here, transportation, payment options, dental insurance

Before your fist appointment

Thank you for choosing us as your dental health provider. Rest assure that your experience will be the most pleasant and professional one you’ll find. It’s important for us to know some information about our patients, especially if they come from afar. Please follow these suggestions:

1. It’s important for us that you fill up the following formulary:Patient Information and medical history form We want to provide our service in the most personalized manner as possible. It is essential for us to know about your medical background, especially about prior conditions or ailments.
2. Please notify us if you plan to stay at Tijuana to finish your treatment. If you are we have the commodity of offering you our recently remodeled apartment which is located just a few block away from our office. Or if you prefer we also have agreements with nearby hotels, which can provide you with a preferential rate (please asks us for further information)
3. Be sure to bring your passport with you; a border officer will ask for it upon your return.
4. If you need transportation we have a shuttle service just for you, we can schedule a trip for you to come to your appointment. Please call our office to program your visit.


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