At Odontología Integral de México we understand current economic circumstances that both the US and Mexico are undergoing; that’s why we offer top quality dental services at affordable prices.

Patients from around the world comment to the great service and how comfortable they feel in our clinic. They especially point to the price difference between receiving dental services in the US and in our clinic, as this testimonial shows:

"In the US the price for a crown averages 600 USD, and at OIM the same treatments is just 275 USD. An endodontic treatment goes for 1,000 USD, and at OIM just for 240 USD. If we compare the price of a dental implant, around 1,500 to 2,00 USD, to 850 USD in our clinic, then the difference is staggering".

These are just some examples of the price difference that can illustrate how much money can be saved by deciding to come to our clinic. Our quality standards are the same, but our prices make the difference.

Save 50% to 75% over USA prices

Teeth Cleaning
$60 to $120
Filling per surface
$80 to $120
Extraction regular
$100 to $200
Extraction broken tooth (remnant)
$60 to $80
$200 to $300
Wisdom tooth extraction regular
$150 to $800
Wisdom tooth extraction impacted tooth
$150 to $200
$900 to $1,500
Bone graft
$250 to $600
$750 to $1,500
Set of complete acrylic dentures
$1,200 to $1,600
Removable partial plate
$250 to $500
$800 to $1,000
Cast metal removable partial plate
$350 to $650
$750 to $1,200
Porcelain fused-to-metal crown
$600 to $900
All porcelain crown
$1,000 to $1,250
Zirconia crown
$1,000 to $1,250
Root canal
$180 to $240
$600 to $900
Root canal retreatment
$200 to $260
$600 to $900
$1,500 to $2,500


If you have dental insurance, please let us know. You might be eligible for coverage in Mexico, and thus a part of your treatment’s cost might be covered.
Dental insurance agencies are aware of rates in dental services in Mexico, that is why some insurers cover treatment abroad.
It is necessary to provide us with the following information so we can build your file and offer you a treatment quote and plan that can be used for your insurance. For furder information please call us directly to our office. (Please keep in mind that personal information such as your SSN and policy number might be required):
1. Insurance information: Insurance agency name, coverage plan, restrictions, and type of dental plan.
2. Notify us if your insurance allows treatment abroad.
3. Notify us if your insurance has a restricted list of health providers.
4. Your health insurance cap or annual limit.
5. Your health insurance deductible
6. Your available yearly valance
7. Your insurance’s requirements on health providers (if a particular formulary or proofs of payment are required).
8. Notify us if your insurance agency requires specific payment formats or receipts, and if they need treatment codes.

Please send us your information to the following address: info@bajadentistry.com