At the front desk you will find our waiting room, equipped with cable tv, wifi and a tablet to make your waiting time more appealing.

We have eight fully equipped comfortable semi-private cubicles. In each one of them you will find a monitor screen where you can visualize the radiographies and photographs of your procedures.

We have a secure, private and free parking lot located in front of the office. We also offer a private outdoors space for your loved ones who come with you to the appointment
Our facilities are handicap accessible

Disease control

We have the required facilities for instrument sterilization

At our clinic, we follow strict decontamination procedures and sterilization protocols that are applied on all our equipment to comply with the highest sanitary standards. The sterilization processes are made with state of the art equipment.


Our sterilization process is carried out with the highest of standard and a rigorous protocol that allow us to guarantee the safety of our clinic:
  • Sterilization by ultrasonic cleansing
  • Exhaustive manual removal of contaminants
  • Packaging of materials in hermetic bags
  • Introduction of packed materials to the autoclave chamber for 40 minutes at 134°C and 2 atmospheres of pressure to eliminate 100% of microorganisms (virus, bacteria, spores and prions).