Composite Fillings
- Only one appointment needed
- You can start eat the same day.
Simple extractions
- Only one appointment needed
Third molars extraction (wisdom teeth)
- Only one appointment needed
- Two appointments are recommended for the extraction on the four pieces (in sets of two).
- It can be performed under light sedation

Multiple appointments are required
- First appointment: implant placement
- Second appointment (four month after implant placement approximately): healing cap is placed.
- Third appointment: after a month with the healing cap, a dental impression is taken.
- Fourth appointment: a week after the impression the Crown is set in place.
The amount of appointments required might vary depending on each specific case (it increases with a bone graft is needed).

- Can be performed in only one appointment if no pain or infection present
- In case of infection it will require two to three appointments
- It can be applied on the next appointment a week after endodontics
- On the first appointment the tooth is prepared, an imprint is made and a temporal Crown is applied
- On the second appointment the permanent crown is applied
Deep cleaning
- The procedure might take one or two appointments depending on the patient needs

Removable prosthetics - 3 appointments
We offer two procedures:
- At the office: 1 appointment, 4 sessions of 15 minutes each (1 hour).
- At home: 2 week, applying the treatment before bed.
Removable prosthetics - 3 appointments
- You receive your removable prosthetic on your second appointment, and the third one is a check-up session.